Privacy policy

Standpoint is an MBTI-based social messenger that provides debating discussion services through audience voting. starts from checking the news articles regards to debating issues from provided news/debating issues, not just chatting and light chatting, the audience can create and debate pros/cons issues in a standpoint application.

As such, Standpoint runs a social issue based Debating Discussion Room on social issues for those who want to live a purposeful and successful life.

At Standpoint, you cannot blindly proceed with the discussion without authoritatively injecting your own story into the other person or listening to the other person. The referee must strictly manage the time. Stanpoint aims for a culture of cultured discussion that listens to and answers to other people's stories, and will lead a culture of accurate information and high-quality discussion in a world where fake news is prevalent.

Of course, there will be many discussion rooms for other light conversations, and in the future, discussions with humans as well as artificial intelligence will also be demonstrated by combining technologies such as metaverses and AI.

the corporate company Khanthleon Co., Ltd  (referred to as "company") comply with the personal information protection regulations under the Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection Act, the Personal Information Protection Act, the Communications Secret Protection Act, and the Telecommunications Business Act.

The personal information handling policy is posted at the bottom of the service subscription stage and website, and the company can revise the personal information handling policy for the purpose of reflecting changes in laws, guidelines, or services. In case of change, it will be announced in the service at least 7 days in advance, and if there are other important changes to user rights, such as collection and utilization of personal information and provision to third parties, it will be notified at least 30 days in advance.

The personal information items you collect are as follows.

Required items: name (or nickname), mobile phone number, gender, date of birth.
Choice: Profile picture, password, location information,political party likeness, MBTI personality
Automatic generation and collection: terminal information, IP address, cookie information, service usage record, etc.
When logging out, you are required to request a mobile phone number so that there is no inconvenience in accessing the service again. Additional personal information collection may occur only to users of the service during the event/promotion, and at the time of personal information collection, the purpose of collecting and using personal information, and the storage period of personal information will be informed and agreed.

Personal information is used to provide smooth service.
Users' personal information is essential for mutual identification between members, invitation of acquaintances, sharing of contents, and providing customized services through means of connection established by members. It is also necessary for various member management such as identification, personal identification, prevention of illegal use and unauthorized use, confirmation of duplicate subscriptions, preservation of records for dispute mediation, handling customer complaints and complaints, and delivery of notices. In addition, it can be used to improve functions, verify service validity, provide event or advertising information, prepare statistics on members' use of services, and prevent misuse.

Members' personal information will never be disclosed.
The company does not use or share the user's personal information beyond the scope of purpose, or provide or share it to a third party, except when the user agrees separately in the process of use, or when prescribed by law.

If the service of a third party is connected to Standpoint, personal information may be provided to a third party after obtaining the user's consent to the extent necessary for the use of the service. At this time, the recipient of the information, the purpose of use, the item provided, the retention and period of use will be checked through this handling policy.

Personal information will be destroyed once the purpose of collection and use is achieved.
In principle, the member's personal information is reversed when the member withdraws or when the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved. Personal information for which the purpose of collection and use has been achieved will be transferred to a separate DB (in the case of paper, a separate document box) and stored for a certain period of time and then destroyed. At this time, the corresponding personal information is not used for purposes other than those held by law. When destroying collected information, personal information printed on paper is crushed or incinerated, and personal information stored in the form of an electronic file is deleted using a technical method that cannot be restored or reproduced.

Records of fraudulent use by internal policy are kept for 6 months to prevent illegal subscription and use, and records of contract or withdrawal of subscription, payment, and goods are kept for 5 years, and records of consumer complaints or disputes are kept for 3 months under the Communications Secret Protection Act. In addition, if you have not used the service for more than a year, your personal information is destroyed or stored and managed separately.

Members can view or modify their personal information.

Registered members can inquire or modify their personal information at any time and request withdrawal of consent or cancellation of membership for collection and use. If you refuse to agree, it may be difficult to use part or all of the service. The company shall process personal information terminated or deleted at the request of the user as specified in the holding and use period of personal information and shall not be viewed or used for other purposes. Members' personal information inquiry and modification can be requested in writing or e-mail through the "setting profile" item, and the termination of subscription (withdrawal of consent) can be requested through the "withdrawal of service" item.

The company sometimes uses cookies to provide services.
The company uses "cookie" that stores users' information and calls frequently to provide personalized services. Cookies are stored on your device as very small files used to run the website. When a user visits this service, the server can read the contents of the cookie to provide services tailored to the user's environment.

Users have the option to install cookies, and by setting options in a web browser, they can allow all cookies, go through verification whenever cookies are saved, or refuse to save all cookies. However, if you refuse to install cookies, it may be difficult to use services such as login.

I will guide the person in charge of personal information management.
The company designates relevant departments and personal information management officers to protect members' personal information and handle complaints related to personal information. Please contact the person in charge for personal information protection inquiries and related information arising from using the service.

Person in charge of personal information management.

Name: Soo young choi
Position: CEO.
Contact: , +821039150251
If you need to report or consult other personal information infringement, you can contact the institution below.

Personal Information Infringement Report Center:, 118 without a national number.
Supreme Prosecutors' Office Cybercrime Investigation Team:, (02) 3480-3571
Personal Information Infringement Report Center: 1566-0112 without a national number 


                                                                                                      Terms of service

Through the terms and conditions, you can check the rights, obligations, and responsibilities between Khantleon Co., Ltd., the corporate company which provides Standpoint services, and users using Standpoint services, and the company posts the terms and conditions at the bottom of the service subscription stage and website.

These terms and conditions are for all members and non-members who use all information, text, images, and other materials provided through the Standpoint service. Users can access and use this service on the premise that they agree to and comply with these terms and conditions.


For individual services, the company may have separate terms and conditions and operation policies (hereinafter referred to as 'operation policy, etc.). Matters or interpretations not specified in these terms and conditions shall be subject to separate operational policies, relevant laws, or correlations.

Service refers to all services related to Standpoint and Standpoint that can be used regardless of terminal (including various wired and wireless devices such as PC, TV, and portable terminal). A user refers to all users who access the company's services and use the service, and a member refers to a customer who enters into a usage contract and uses the service provided by the company. Posts refer to information or materials made up of letters, documents, pictures, voices, links, files, or combinations of them posted by members on the service.

Terms and conditions can be revised.

The company may amend these terms and conditions to the extent that they do not violate the relevant laws and regulations. If the company revises the terms and conditions, it will be notified 30 days before the date of application of the revised terms and conditions along with the current terms and conditions. However, if there are significant changes to the members, they should notify them within the service for a certain period of time and clearly notify them through electronic means such as posts and notifications. If you do not agree to the revised terms and conditions, the member may terminate the contract. If you continue to access or use this service even after the amendment has been implemented, the user agrees to be subject to the revised terms and conditions.

You need to sign up to use the service as a member.

Those under the age of 14 cannot use the service as members. If you want to use the service as a member, the use contract is concluded by applying for membership registration and the company approves it. In principle, the company accepts the use of the service according to the order of receipt, but approval for subscription may be withheld for a certain period of time for operational or technical reasons.
The company may refuse to accept or terminate the contract afterwards in the following cases.

• In a case where the applicant for membership has previously lost his/her membership under these terms and conditions,

•  In a case where false information is entered or the contents requested by the company are not stated.

•  In the case where approval is impossible or an application is made in violation of all other prescribed matters due to reasons attributable to the user,

• In a case where it is judged that a member is not suitable for the company's policy or it is difficult to provide services,

•  In a case where the purpose of use of a member or the method of using a service may infringe or infringe on the company's property or business rights

•  In the case of generating IDs and domains in large quantities through abnormal methods,

• If you have never registered a post in the service and one year has elapsed since the final login,

The establishment of the usage contract is the time when the company marks the completion of the subscription in the application process, and the company can classify the members by grade according to policy and differentiate the use by subdividing the usage time, number of use, and service menu.
Members' personal information is strictly protected.
Members can view and modify their personal information at any time through the profile setting screen, and if any changes are made when applying for membership registration, they must revise the profile to inform the company of the changes. 


The company is not responsible for any disadvantages caused by not notifying the company of the changes.

The company should have a security system and operate to protect personal information so that members can use the service safely. 


The company protects members' personal information as prescribed by relevant laws and regulations, and applies the relevant laws and the company's personal information handling policy to the protection and use of personal information. However, the personal information handling policy does not apply to linked sites other than the company's official services.

The company quickly destroys personal information if the service is suspended or the member withdraws his consent to provide personal information. 


However, schedule information may be stored as prescribed by related laws such as the Consumer Protection Act in e-commerce, etc.

The company may collect additional personal information as prescribed by relevant laws and regulations with the consent of members for the purpose of improving services and introducing services to members. 

The company does not disclose or provide any personal information, including the member's account information, to a third party without the member's separate consent, except as otherwise provided in the law.

The user has a duty to keep it.

Users should not do the following.

•  Registering false information or stealing information from others when applying for membership or changing information.
• Pretend to be an operator or employee of a company or steal relevant information.
• Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyright, trade secrets, and patent rights of the company and other third parties.
• The act of damaging the reputation by harassing, threatening, or slandering the company and other members and other third parties.
• Distributing false information for the purpose of giving or damaging property to oneself or others.
• The act of disclosing or posting obscene, violent messages, information contrary to public order and good customs.
• Unauthorized collection/disclosure/providing of other member's personal information, registration information, or usage history.
• Causing a risk to account security, such as allowing others to access your account.

If the user violates his/her obligations, he/she may take measures to restrict the use of the service, such as blind handling or deletion of posts, suspension of service use/termination of contracts, and accusation to investigative agencies. 


Users shall comply with the relevant laws, the provisions of these terms and conditions, operating principles, instructions for use and services, and shall not interfere with the business of other companies.


The company strives to provide stable service.

The company provides all services through additional development by Standpoint and other companies or partnership contracts with other companies. In principle, the service is provided 24/7 and 24 hours a day, but all or part of the service can be provided differently according to membership, registration information, and other conditions set by the company under prior notice.

In addition, the company may temporarily suspend service provision if there are valid reasons for maintenance inspection, replacement and failure of information and communication facilities, communication failure, or operation. 

In this case, the company notifies the user in a manner determined by the notification method. However, if there is an unavoidable reason that the company cannot notify in advance, it may be notified afterwards.

The company does its best to provide continuous and stable services. If the opinions or complaints raised by the user regarding the use of the service are justified and acknowledged, they must be handled, and the process of processing is delivered to the user.

The service may be changed or restricted.

The company may change or suspend all or some of the services it provides according to operational and technical needs if there is a valid reason. If there is a change in the content and method of use of the service, post the reason, content, and delivery date in a way that users can fully recognize before changing.

The company may modify, suspend, or change some or all of the services provided free of charge due to the need for the company's policies and operations, and shall not compensate users unless otherwise specified by the relevant laws.

information or advertisements may be posted.

The company can provide information that users recognize as necessary during use by notifications or in-service notifications, and members can refuse to receive at any time except for transaction-related information and customer inquiries under the relevant laws. 

However, if you want to send advertising information for profit to members via phone or transmission devices such as SMS, you will receive prior consent.

The company can post advertisements on the service screen, bulletin board, and homepage regarding service operation. Users agree to publish customized advertisements that are exposed when using the service. However, the company is not responsible for losses and damages caused by members' participation, communication, or transactions in advertisers' promotional activities through advertisements and services posted on the service.
Posts and services have rights, respective rights.

The copyright of the post written by the user in the service belongs to the author of the post. The company cannot review and review posts created by users in advance, and is not responsible for the reliability, integrity, and accuracy of posts registered by members and does not guarantee them.

The service can statistically infer the reliability of users or posts and reflect them in the composition of recommended user lists, exposure of posts in the service, search results, and calculation of store ratings.

Users allow the company to modify, duplicate, and display posts by converting or simplifying the size of posts to use them as various search results within a service (including when affiliated within a certain area of sites or media operated by a third party). In this case, the user can request measures such as deletion of the post through customer inquiries or e-mails at any time.

Except for general posts in the service, ownership of all data information, including names/mutuals, addresses, building information, locations on maps, businesses, phone numbers, tags/keywords in memo records, menus and prices, holidays, and specials, belongs to the company. The company should establish an appropriate process to check the accuracy of these information entered by users and try to maintain/manage the exact status of information as much as possible.

Copyright and intellectual property rights for the service belong to the company, excluding posts created by members and works provided under the partnership agreement. Copyrights and other intellectual property rights related to the company's services, such as the design of the company's services, text, scripts, graphics, and mutual transmission functions, are owned or licensed by the company under relevant laws and regulations.

In relation to the service, the company grants users the right to use the service according to the terms of use set by the company, and users are not allowed to dispose of such as transfer, sale, etc. Users shall not engage in business/advertising activities contrary to the purpose and method of use set by the company without prior permission from the company, and shall not infringe on the company's property rights, goodwill, or business model.

Users cannot use, copy, or distribute texts, scripts, etc. created by the company for profit, including member status information obtained through the service, except for explicitly permitted content.

 Except with the company's clear written permission, no attempt shall be made to produce, reverse files, or extract source codes related to services or software contained therein.

Business operators' sales/promotion activities are not allowed.

Officials from stores or specific businesses are not allowed to communicate with other users by writing posts or comments within the service for business, publicity, or other business purposes. In addition, activities to induce promotional posts by other users in the service are strictly prohibited.

If an official of a business disagrees with the content of a specific post or the activities of a specific user in the service, he or she can present an opinion through the official inquiry channel of the service. The service will take action against the opinions received in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of these terms and conditions.
Members can terminate the contract at any time.

Members may request withdrawal from the service membership at any time by means of a service page or inquiry mail, and the company will handle it after the 14-day grace period, as prescribed by relevant laws and regulations. 

If a member terminates the contract, all data of the member will disappear within 14 days of the request for termination, except in accordance with relevant laws and personal information handling policies or requests from courts, investigative agencies or related agencies.
If a member terminates the contract, all identifiable account-related registrations, such as profile photos, will be deleted. However, posts or co-authored works reposted by others may not be deleted due to scraps or sharing. The company is not responsible for cases where they are not deleted and republished by being kept by a third party or copied without permission.
You may be restricted from using it.
If a member violates these terms and conditions or interferes with the normal operation of the service, he/she may restrict membership after prior notification, terminate the contract, or suspend the use of the service for a fixed period. 

However, if you violate related laws, such as providing and obstructing the operation of illegal programs in violation of the Copyright Act and Computer Program Protection Act, illegal communication and hacking in violation of the Information and Communication Network Act, distribution of malicious programs, and excess access rights, you may be suspended immediately. 

In the event of suspension of use, all benefits obtained through the use of the service will disappear, and the company will not compensate for this separately.

If a member does not log in for more than 6 months, the use may be restricted for the efficiency of protecting and operating member information. 

If you restrict the use of the service or terminate the contract, you will be notified according to the company's notification method, and the member may file an objection according to the procedure set by the company. If the company deems the objection justifiable, the company immediately resumes the use of the service.
Exceptions apply to responsibility for service operations.

If the service cannot be provided normally due to such as natural disasters or suspension of services by key telecommunication businesses, the company is exempt from liability for loss of access media such as terminals, inaccurate entry of personal information, and negligence in password management.

The company shall not guarantee or be responsible for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, reliability, etc. of important information provided by the service, and shall be exempted from liability if the user makes transactions between users or between third parties through services. In addition, we are not responsible for the use of free services unless there are special provisions in the relevant laws.

The company is not responsible for any problems arising from security problems that are not within the user's computer environment or the company's management scope, or network hacking that is difficult to defend at the current level of security technology. Users are responsible for damages, data, and loss of information in the computer system caused by users downloading or accessing specific programs or information using the company's services according to their decision.

The company is not responsible for the user's failure to obtain the expected utility by using the service, and is exempt from liability for damages caused by the user's choice or use of the service.

We notify you of the applicable law and the enforcement date.
Litigation filed between the company and the user in connection with these terms and conditions shall be governed by Korean law, and the procedures prescribed by the Civil Procedure Act shall be followed for disputes arising.

•  Enforcement date: 12/10 , 2021

청소년 보호 정책

스탠포인트는 정보통신망이용촉진 및 정보보호 등에 관한 법률 및 청소년보호법에 근거하여 각종 청소년유해환경으로부터 청소년을 보호하여 청소년이 건전한 인격체로 성장할 수 있도록 돕기 위해 청소년 보호정책을 수립, 시행하고 있습니다. 정보통신윤리위원회 심의규정 및 청소년보호위원회 청소년유해매체물 기준에 따라, 19세 미만의 청소년들이 유해정보에 접근할 수 없도록 규제합니다.

1. 청소년 보호 활동

스탠포인트 는 서비스 약관 및 정책을 수립하고, 자체적으로 음란, 불법 등의 유해정보를 규제하고 있습니다. 청소년의 건전한 성장을 저해하는 비윤리적, 반사회적 행위에 대해서는 엄격히 제재하고자 노력하고 있습니다.


1) 유해정보에 대한 청소년접근제한 및 관리조치

스탠포인트는 청소년이 아무런 제한장치 없이 청소년 유해정보에 노출되지 않도록 청소년유해매체물에 대해서는 별도의 인증장치를 마련, 적용하며 청소년 유해정보가 노출되지 않기 위한 예방차원의 조치를 강구합니다.


2) 유해정보로부터의 청소년보호를 위한 업무 담당자 교육 시행

스탠포인트는 청소년이 유해정보에 노출되지 않도록 청소년유해매체물에 대한 관리•감독을 철저히 하기 위해 청소년보호 업무 담당자에 대한 교육을 수시로 시행하고 있습니다.


3) 유해정보로 인한 피해상담 및 고충처리

스탠포인트는 청소년 유해정보로 인한 피해상담 및 고충처리를 위한 전문인력을 배치하여 그 피해가 확산되지 않도록 하고 있습니다. 하단에 명시한 청소년보호 책임자 및 담당자의 소속, 성명 및 연락처를 참고하여 전화나 메일을 통해 피해상담 및 고충처리를 요청할 수 있습니다.


4) 청소년보호 책임자 및 담당자의 소속, 성명 및 연락처

스탠포인트는 청소년들이 좋은 정보를 안전하게 이용할 수 있도록 노력하고 있습니다.

[중앙일보 청소년 보호 책임자 및 담당자]


* 청소년 보호 관리 책임자
이름 :최창범

소속(직위) : 스탠포인트 (고문)

전화 : +81)90-7631-7099


* 청소년 보호 관리 담당자
이름 : 최수영
소속(직위) : 스탠포인트 (편집인)

전화 : 010-3915-0251